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About Simple Rota Maker


simple rota maker

About Simple Rota Maker

The simplest tool to create and share a work rota for rostering workers or anyone into hourly or daily shifts.

Simply enter 
• The number of workers
• Worker away dates: ***the App WILL NOT schedule workers to work on those dates**
• Worker must work dates: ** the App WILL schedule workers to work on those dates** 

Done ! 

*Generates beautiful monthly Calendar for 24 hr shift.

*Generates beautiful weekly calendar for shifts of 1-23 hrs.

*Workers get equal number of shifts.

*Export rota to spreadsheet apps like Excel, Google sheets, or Apple Numbers. Note: Due to column limits in spreadsheet apps Week rota of less than 6 months will export to Excel. Weekly rotas over 6 months cannot be generated due to column limits. Monthly rotas of up to a year and even more will be generated in Excel

*See Rota breakdown( how many weekdays and weekends each worker is rostered to work).

*Easily edit the rota to give workers more or less shifts or adjust must work and away dates. 

*Roster multiple workers per shift.

*Access rota from any device . The rosters are saved to your profile. 

*Save & Print Rota image.

*Share links to your Rota. You can collaborate with coworkers in making your rota by sharing links. Each time a link is opened a duplicate dot.share version of your rota is created which can be shared again back and forth.

*Set work dates reminders for 1 worker and get a notification. when a work shift is coming up. Note there is a limit to the number of reminders iOS devices can program at a time. As a result reminders can only be set for 1 rota at a time. If your rota spans several months when the iOS limit for reminders is reached no further reminders will be sent

*Save multiple copies of the rota.

*Get daily motivational quotes in your profile.

*Supports portrait and landscape mode.
* Use iPad split screen feature to view your calendar while creating your rota to make the process even simpler !
* Daylight saving times (DST) in certain countries currently will add or remove an hour from your weekly rota. We are working to account for DST so you do not notice the effect. However, if you export your rota to Excel or other spreadsheet apps the DST effect will not be noticed and the correct times for your workers will be shown.

Please report any bugs or issues to us at